Bishop Sutton & Alexander Ltd – Fencing Contractor

Fencing & gates contractor, Bishop Sutton & Alexander, is known as BSandA and specialises in fencing & gates for schools in Essex. We are also chain link fencing specialists and provide bespoke emergency exit security gates.

Our products include steel palisade fencing and gates, and hoop top, chain link and weld mesh fencing systems. BSandA also supply and erect commercial and domestic timber fencing and gates, steel swing arm barriers and decorative railings.  As a fencing contractor BSandA can also maintain and replace fencing and gates in Essex installed by others. We specialise in all school fencing and bespoke projects, including chain link fencing and emergency exit security gates to meet your requirements. Be assured that BSandA will always work hard to provide a service that is second to none and puts YOU first.

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Bishop Sutton and Alexander Ltd is a steel fabrication company, generally manufacturing bespoke fencing, gates, barriers and decorative railings. We particularly specialise in the manufacture of school fencing and gates and are chain link fencing and emergency exit gate specialists. BSandA is also a contractor and can therefore provide an installation and maintenance service. Our school fencing is used throughout Essex by various educational facilities. If you would like to discuss a project or see on-site examples of our products, generally in Essex, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will help in any way we can and are very happy to provide free advice and quotations without any obligation whatsoever.

Useful Information

All fences and gates should comply with the recommendations of the British Standards Institution and a reputable fencing contractor will always work in accordance with the British Standards. Bsanda school fencing and gates are also fabricated to comply with local educational requirements.

The ownership of a fence on a boundary between properties varies. For fencing in Essex and throughout the United Kingdom, title deeds will generally show which side owns the fence. A "T" symbol is used on plans with the leg of the "T" pointing towards the owner's property. Usually, cladding is on the non-owners side, enabling access to the posts for the owner when repairs are needed.

Where a fence or hedge has an adjacent ditch, the ditch is normally in the same ownership as the fence or hedge. The ownership boundary is at the edge of the ditch furthest from the fence or hedge. The principle of this rule is that an owner digging a boundary ditch will normally dig it at the very edge of their land. They must pile the spoil on their own side of the ditch to avoid trespassing on their neighbour. They may then erect a fence or hedge on the spoil, leaving the ditch on its far side. Exceptions often occur. For example, where a plot of land derives from subdivision of a larger one along the centre line of a previously existing ditch or other feature.

For fences and gates in Essex and generally in the United Kingdom, it is the responsibility of a landowner to fence in their livestock. Conversely, for common land, it is the responsibility of the  surrounding landowners to fence out the common land livestock.

If in any doubt, consult a reputable fencing contractor such as BSandA, who will be happy to advise, generally with no charge.